Sorry for my low output

I apologize for my rare blogging here. I blame twitter. Why bother to write out anything when I can just post ambient self awareness throughout the day with a fraction of the effort?

But seriously, it's because the festival is coming up and this is the busiest/most stressful part of my year. I'll be sure to post some great pre fest items here soon so don't give up on me! In the meanwhile, why not check out my new co-venture, Blogging About My Kitties. It's the latest blog of mine to suffer from my neglect.


My moms for Obama!

My mom went to this awesome rally for Obama recently and they took a picture of her, sadly not with Michelle. I am really jealous and think I should be in Charlottesville right now! Plus my cool aunt Nancy is at a rally in Charlotte tonight! Keep it up swing staters! Everyone in California is counting on you!


Maria Bamford -- Cleaning up after your cats

I know I have not been sharing much online recently, it's that time of the year.

Anyway, here is a slice of my brain courtesy of Tim and Eric and Island Zero Superstar Maria Bamford:


My proud family

According to this police report, Mr Charles Kneedler of Lancaster PA was arrested for public drunkeness last week. My dad is from this area so I bet this guy is a distant relative. Charles was 39 years old at the time of his arrest, near to my age! The best part is that he was arrested at 12:30 in the afternoon! So he's either a distant relative or a version of me from an alternate dimension that has traveled here somehow and now spends his time drinking the morning away in suburban Pennsylvania.